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Bring new level of class and style to your office

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  • July 05,2022

Your office deserves to be great, and with glass office partitions, you can bring that new level of class and style with our range of glass office partitions solutions. In most modern offices, glass office partitions have become the standard. Bringing in more light not only reduces the need for lighting, but open planned offices can increase motivation, innovation, and collaboration. Many older office buildings have physical concrete or studded plasterboard walls but glass office partitions are increasing in popularity. The main reasons for this trend are aesthetics, costs and work environment. Let's look at each factor individually:



Walking into an office that has solid walls all over the place can feel very restrictive, it is like being back at school and brings back memories of walking down that long corridor when you have been sent to the headmaster. When an office has glass partitions it does not only give it a modern feel but is more pleasing to be in when you can actually see real people behind their desks working. Glass office partitions can also create a feeling for clients or customers of a company that is more open and accessible and can make prospective clients more relaxed and therefore easier to talk to and do business with.




Ultimately at some stage during a business as they expand or remodel walls will need to be torn down and rebuilt to accommodate the changes that are happening and this is a costly venture apart from being very messy which can create problems for sensitive electronic equipment. Glass office partitions are much easier to install and to remove. The existing panels from the glass office partitions can just be relocated to wherever desired and additional ones added if needed.


Depending on the type of glass office partitions that are installed they can also cut down on energy bills such as heating or air conditioning costs if double or triple glazing is used. Apart from that having glass office partitions have more use of natural light which means that there isn’t such a great need for so many lights.



Work environment:

Most people have to do it but no one would honestly admit, if the boss wasn’t around, that they enjoyed sitting in a cubicle isolated from the world working 9-5 every day. Glass office partitions can still provide the privacy of an office space but at the same time create a work environment that more pleasing by letting natural light in as well as feeling that you are not alone all day and are able to communicate and see your fellow colleagues. For moments when total privacy is needed simple Venetian blinds over the glass office partitions can be used when holding a meeting or conference and then opened again when finished.



There are many different styles of glass office partitions available for offices. They can be framed with wood, aluminium or PVC  in a wide variety of colours to blend in with the existing colour scheme. Another option is to have frameless glass office partitions that only have a few points along the floor, wall, and ceiling where the glass panels are secured.
If you are just renovating or outfitting an office from scratch don’t go to a construction company for glass office partitions, all you will end up with is the same glass but with that added mark-up added to the quote. Where do construction companies buy glass office partitions from?  Glass companies like Cobuild that have been providing service to residential, commercial and industrial clients for over 20 years at a cheaper cost.

What are you waiting for? For affordable commercial glass office partitions, please feel free to contact us!