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Major criteria for identifying and selecting kitchen cabinet sets

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  • May 13,2024

People's requirements for living environment, living conditions and living room decoration standards are constantly improving. The kitchen revolutionary trend has been blowing all over the country at a very fast speed in a short period of time. The main body of the kitchen revolution is the cabinet, coupled with modern electrical products, so the design of the cabinet determines the grade and taste of the kitchen cabinet sets, and fully reflects the master's aesthetic quality. Due to the special nature of the kitchen, it was decided that the decoration was a one-time investment. It was impossible to replace it in one step. At the same time, it also imposed strict requirements on the practicality, functionality and durability of the cabinet. However, because consumers do not have a deep understanding of the kitchen cabinet sets, they often only look at their appearances, and which ones are cheaper, they will suffer if they are not careful.


kitchen cabinet sets

In fact, there are four major criteria for identifying and selecting kitchen cabinet sets:


1. Appearance

At present, the appearance of all kitchen cabinet sets on the market is divided into four categories: single-sided fireproof panels, logs, and spray paint. The top three processes, quality, and cost are not much different, and the fourth is very different. There are dozens of kinds of paints, and the sources, prices, and processes are uneven, and consumers are the most vulnerable. Therefore, when choosing a spray booth, it is necessary to ask what kind of paint is used by the manufacturer, what process, and then observe the flatness, cleanliness, thickness, brightness, fullness and hardness of the paint surface in the direction of strong light.


2. The substrate

What kind of substrate is used in the cabinet is the key to the quality of the kitchen cabinet sets, and it is also the decisive factor of the price difference. When the consumer chooses the cabinet, the manufacturer must indicate what substrate is used. At present, the cabinets used in the market mainly include four types of substrates: particleboard, MDF, large core and log. There are three types of particleboard, MDF and large core board. The raw materials and processes used by the developers are different. The quality and price are different, and the latter can be 3 to 5 times different.


kitchen cabinet sets


3. Service and price

"A penny, a piece of goods" can be described as an eternal truth. The price of a branded product is determined by its quality and is also guaranteed by after-sales service. Any manufacturer that sells counterfeit, shoddy or low-priced products will never dare to provide after-sales service. The after-sales service clause is a reflection of the confidence of the manufacturer in their products and an important criterion for testing their quality.


4. Cabinet details talk

The corners of the cabinets in the Nordic style are also in place, and each storage space is nuanced to make the home more human.


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