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Whole house customization of Aderdeen Building in Sierra Leone

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  • July 05,2022

Sierra Leone's economy has also been rising steadily with the rapid development of the international economy.


Fortunately, we got his purchasing plans about Aderdeen Building on Alibaba, he wanted to buy everything from us, also including 10 sets kitchen cabinets.


kitchen cabinet sets


He chose our design and sent us his floor plan, then we drew the designs according his sizes. We confirmed the details with him, for example the stove places, kitchen sink, color, material, ect.


He trusted us, trust Cobuild, because Cobuild means cooperation to build, he also believed that we would give him good quality and won't let him down, so when everything were done, he placed a really big order with us. Really appreciated.


kitchen cabinet sets


When kitchen cabinets were finished, we sent him the real pictures and he was satisfied with our products. He also said he was amazed with the quality of our products.  In addition, now he has got a second projects, and he directly send me his floor plans, and will buy everything from us again.


So on the basis of good quality, the trust of our customers will make your cooperation longer.