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FAQ - Before Sale

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  • May 13,2024

Q1: Do you offer discounts on large quantity orders?

A1: We offer discounts for members of the trade such as distributors, designers, architects and contractors who have presented appropriate credentials and been approved. In addition, we may be able to offer special discounts for large volume orders. Please contact Customer Service with any questions.



Q2: Can you guarantee the quality of product?

A2: Sure, premium quality give us confidence to do business with your company. We have regular orders from our OEM and project clients over 77 countries&areas. The front-line workers are well trained and educated on the entire process. Implementing quality safe projects requires significant time and resources. Cobuild management must be willing to suffer potential short-term productivity losses for the sake of long-term improvement. We are looking for win-win situation seeking new opportunities.



Q3:How do your company deal with the problem on quality?

A3:Not to worry! Cobuild has a Quality Guarantee so there is no reason to hesitate or wait to make your purchase! Within 30 days of your purchase, please let us know and we will happily deal with the problem. Of course, we may require some form of verification of the offer. The Quality Guarantee excludes clearance, closeout and returned items.



Q4: Can you give me lower price?

Q4: Sorry,We are always committed to offer our customers with cost-effective products. Two factors lead to a lower price of product, one factor is its lower grade, another factor is poor quality. Penny wise and pound this experience but hate bitterly later. I think you are the person would be care for long-term benefit.



Q5: To be honest, we are strange to your brand of product.

A5: I see. We focus on the selling and design of quality bathware, it has never run an advertising campaign, yet has sale to 77 countries & area.



Q6: What’s your advantage will be your exclusive agent?

A6: We offer discounts special discounts for Cobuild exclusive agent. In addition, we may be able to offer commission refund according to the sales volume. We should be continually supportive on quality, advertising, promotion event, spare parts, souvenir etc.We are willing to offer training course for your service staff. We would like to improve the comprehensive strength of you and to be your strong backing once dealing customers’ problems in any time.



Q7: What’s Valid Payment Methods?

A7: Telegraphic, if your order includes shipping costs then the shipping amount will be charged with the first shipment. Please contact Customer Service if u like to issue L/C at sight. 

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